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How’s your mom? She’s good. You should come by and see her sometime. She always liked you. I don’t exactly remember it that way. So Jeux de Fille What do we got? A couple Jeux de Fille Joel and Ann Seiferth, each took one to the head and chest in their kitchen. Who called it in? Woman who works for the husband. Came by when he didn’t show. Nina got her statement. Hey, Mike. Detective. Any witnesses? It’s forest hills. Everyone’s at work trying to pay off their big houses. Or fix ’em up. Looks like they’re doing construction. The ghost whisperer finally showed. That mean we can go home now? So where we at? Well, M.E. puts time of death about two hours ago. We spoke to the security company. The alarm system was off and no evidence of forced entry. So maybe someone they knew? Could be the construction crew. They usually get a key. Lunchtime. Middle of the day Jeux de Fille The door could have been unlocked. And definitely signs of a struggle. Husband’s got a bruise on his cheek. And check this Jeux de Fille no jewelry and all the tv’s are gone. Got tech. Cell phone. Okay, bag the hands. Get ’em over to the lab. If the husband tried to fight off the killer, we may be able to get some DNA. Where’s the kid? Oh, Max Seiferth, seven years old. The schedule on the fridge says he had t today. Children’s services is on it. That’s a kid who’s going to hate baseball. Okay, let’s start with anyone who’s had access to the house. Day laborers, plumbers, nannies, housekeepers. And let’s talk to the kid. What is it, Carrie? Here we go again! Copy that, dispatch Jeux de Fille Copy that, dispatch Jeux de Fille essex. Copy that, dispatch. essex Jeux de Fille The tarp. It moved. Wait a second Jeux de Fille Wait right here. Max? I don’t think he’s at Tball. Hey, it’s okay Max. Sync and corrected by dr.jackson for Jeu de Fille Joel and Ann Seiferth. She was an anesthesiologist at St. Michael’s and Joel owned a string of gym bams. Who would want to kill a gym bam guy? A what? It’s a kids’ gym. You know, ball pits, trampolines, and Jeux de Fille My sister does parties for the twins. What do we have on the gun? Uh, nine millimeter. Ballistics are pending. No prints yet. DNA? Doesn’t look like we got any. What about access to the house? I talked to the contractor, and we’re still trying to run down some of the day laborers, but he said they haven’t been there in over six months. Said the family just ran out of money, put the whole thing on hold. How does an anesthesiologist run out of money? Aren’t those guys loaded? Not if they’re not working. I spoke to hr over at St. Mike’s. Ann’s been on leave for almost eight months. What about Max? Anything new? According to his school, he was home sick. He’s got two living relatives Jeux de Fille An aunt and an Uncle. Ann’s sister Liza, her husband Erik. She’s on her way in, he’s out of town. We know if he saw anything? He’s in shock. Hasn’t said a word. Either way, let’s keep this low. No one needs to know there might be a witness. Okay, Mike, get on the financials. If money was tight, let’s find out how tight.