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The body goes into shock. Completely unforeseeable. But the hospital didn’t see it that way. I tried convincing them. As head of the department, I need Ann. She is one Jeux de Fille Was Jeux de Fille One of our best people. But the patient’s family are longtime supporters of St. Michael’s. They demanded that she be suspended pending a full internal inquiry. Crazy thing is, the panel just came back with their report. Ann was cleared and planning to come back next week. Interesting timing. I imagine the family must not have been too happy about that. Look, right after the surgery, emotions were Jeux de Fille very raw. In these situations, families want to blame someone. What about other people in the hospital? She have any enemies you know of? No. Everyone loved her. Yeah, she’s a tough act to follow. Thanks, guys. Uh, I don’t know if this is anything, but I keep going back to it. Ann and I have known each other forever. We went through residency together. I was at her wedding. But in the past few months, she and Joel started having problems. He gambled. Just sports, I think. I have no idea how bad it was or what he owed, but Jeux de Fille She mention who he owed it to? No. God, I wish I had asked. Okay, thanks. We’ll call you back. Joel was in it up to his ears. Mostly sports book. If this is a front for gambling, it’s genius. Yeah. Detective. Hey. Sorry to bother you at work. We just have a few more questions. Olivia’s the one who called it in. When he didn’t show up earlier, I just, I knew that something was wrong. And I tried to close today, but we have three birthday parties, and I just, I couldn’t reach everybody On my own, and Jeux de Fille Joel would have laughed. He was all about the kids. Seems like you really cared about him. He was an amazing boss. He’d totally just take you under his wing and Jeux de Fille Did you know about his gambling? Is that what you think this is about? Did you ever hear any names of bookies or Jeux de Fille ? No! I mean, sometimes, I’d find ’em in the back, online, stressing about some team that was losing. What about payments? Was he ever late with payroll, vendors, anything like that? Nothing major. Business was good. He’d even open up his gyms to schools and birthday parties for needy kids. Tika, honey, we’re at a gym. You’re not playing on the phone right now. But I just want to get to the next level. Cell phone. There was a hamster named “Smack.” He records what you say. He was home sick that day, right? Now, he told me that when he’s sick, he’s allowed to play with his mother’s phone. Okay. Okay, we dumped this phone for calls. But Henry said the last activity on the phone during the time of the murders was a game called “Smack talk.” My nephew plays that. It makes you sound like a gerbil. A hamster, actually. Okay, so the question is, in hamster world, what does this sound like to you? Gunshots. Gunshots. He recorded the murder. Wait, wait a minute. But the phone was found downstairs. Okay, so Jeux de Fille so he’s upstairs, he’s playing smack talk, he hears something going on in the kitchen, he comes down the stairs to check it out, sees what he sees, and in the shock of it, he Jeux de Fille drops the phone.