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Which is why it was found at the bottom of the stairs. Where he had a direct view to the kitchen where the bodies were found. He kept playing the game the whole time? No. See, that’s the thing. Smack talk, you touch the screen, it records for seconds. He saw the killer. We gotta talk to him. Dr. Margulies said they’d prefer to have a psychologist present. Right. Is that, like, a department thing? I think it’s up to the individual case worker. Yeah, that’s what I thought. Cool. Thanks. Hey, Max. Do you mind if I, uh, sit down? So I got that game you were telling me about, smack talk. And it’s cool. It’s addictive, actually. Max? Max, is that the game that you were Jeux de Fille playing Jeux de Fille ? Lisa? I’m home! Max? What’s going on in here? Max? Max? What’s going on? What are you doing here? What happened? Max? Nothing happened. Relax. He was fine a few minutes ago. You just stay away from my nephew. I was just asking him a few Jeux de Fille There’s no Jeux de Fille No! No more questions. Look, I Jeux de Fille Get out. Get out! Okay. I’m going. Al, I’m telling you, when his Uncle walked into the room, Max was terrified. Except the Uncle was on a business trip at the time of the murder, no? Three hours away in Hartford. We’re into it, but he could have easily driven back. How about a motive? Maybe he borrowed money from the inlaws, and enough is enough. Maybe Uncle Erik is actually the husband’s bookie for all we know. You guys know India’s palace? Takeout place over on Vernon. Someone from the victim’s house called there every Friday at : Jeux de Fille I mean, every Friday night. They like curry? No, they love to gamble. Friday night’s when you place college sports bets. I dabble. What, so, it’s like, “I’ll take the chicken tandoori and ten points on Ohio state”? I’ve heard stranger. Roe, take Carrie, check it out. What? You dabble. No, what about the Uncle? Nina and Mike will check him out. No. Al, listen to me. This kid, he could be living with his parents’ murderer. And isn’t it also possible his parents are dead this is the guy he’s gonna have to live with now. He sees him first time since the murder, and he freaks out? How very Dr. Phil of you, detective. Okay, find me something Jeux de Fille A motive maybe, a weapon. I’m all over it. Carrie, could you Jeux de Fille ? Have said something? No. These are complex, diffiJeu de Fillet situations. Which is why you should have waited Jeux de Fille Waited for Elaine? She asked to be present at every interview. That’s because she doesn’t trust me. Oh, that Jeux de Fille That’s because she’s determined that she’s dealing with an unstable detective who’s so messed up by a past trauma, that she would detonate the first chance she gets. She never used the word “detonate.” Ah. All right, truth: What’d you tell her about me? What? Nothing. Hmm. Okay, maybe I might have said something about your paranoid persecution fantasies. Huh. And, oh, yeah, she knows about that time at the bus station. Al, I’m telling you I saw that kid. When his Uncle walked in the room, he acted like he was afraid for his life.